‘Healthy baking Stance’

So, you’ve probably been seeing a lot of ‘healthy baking’ recipes at the moment – which my website contains a lot of! This is my post clarifying my ideas about health – bear in mind these are my personal ideas and I’m not an expert. Although, no-one is really. Feel free to adapt my recipes anyway you want, but these are the ideas I have in mind with my recipes.

Sugar is not healthy. It’s a poison to the body and too much of it is definitely a bad thing. Natural sugars found in fruit are balanced out by the nutrients and goodness that you get from the fruit, but sugars found in molasses and maple syrup aren’t – although they are certainly healthier than white processed sugar.

Desserts are yummy, but they aren’t good for you and they never will be really. That’s why they’re called a dessert! And they should only really be eaten occasionally – not never, but once in a while. However, it doesn’t hurt to make them healthier when you do have that once in a while – as long as the taste stays just as good.

Butter is good for you, and has been for centuries until Ancel Keys said that saturated fat was harmful, backed up with the biased and selective ‘Seven Countries Study’. Milk – in my opinion, is bad for you because it’s processed and pasteurization takes out the nutrients and goodness.

Anyway, this is my view on health. Feel free to disagree!